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The decade of 1930-1939 will carry the reader back into the benefit of Church minutes which begin again in September 1938. The record shows 1930 as a good year as the membership was 130, but by 1933 the membership had fallen back to 80.



Rev. Bouterse 1937 (Pictured)



Rev. C. K. Byerly accepted the call to be pastor for an indefinite time on October 2, 1938 during a special business meeting.  Services were held part time. Margaret Stewart, who was Mrs. Jessie Stewart's daughter, served as church clerk. William Hart, R. H. Graham's stepfather, served as B.Y.P.U. Director.  In December it is noted that the Sebastian church had given a piano to Eau Gallie and it had been moved to the church.

In January 1939, a note in the minutes reads:  "it was decided not to ask the Board for pastoral aid this year,"   The Board referred to was the State Board of Missions.   Evidently First Baptist had been receiving some aid for the pastor's salary during the preceding decade.  Rev. Byerly handed in his resignation as part-time pastor on April 22, 1939 to take effect the last Sunday in April.  His resignation was accepted with regrets.  However, by the 16th of April it was decided to ask Rev. Byerly to preach every Sunday night and not have "church of a morning" for a while.  In the May 4, 1939 business meeting "it was decided to have Morris Tucker fix the light switch.  $1.00 was raised for that purpose." There was also a discussion of wrecking and moving the church building at Sebastian that was given to Eau Gallie.

The August 6, 1939 minutes read, "Rev. C. K. Byerly appointed Mrs. E. A. M. Stewart  Mrs. Alien Livingston and Mrs. Ed Wood on Nominating Committee for ensuing church year."  A later note shows a discussion of the need of money by members.  This reappears from time to time which shows that the Church has always been compassionate regarding people's needs.

On October 18, 1939 a call was extended to C. K. Byerly to become full-time pastor.  The vote was unanimous.