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March of 1950 the Church voted $10.00 for the deacons to build an outdoor fireplace on the back of the church lot.  The purchase of a duplicator was approved.  The minutes also read:  "A motion was made and carried that the commode in the church be fixed at once."

The building of a car port for the pastorium was authorized in June 1950 and Mr. Hart was authorized to do the work.  In July Bro. James Sawyer of Cocoa was invited to hold a revival.  Also there was discussion about joining with the Melbourne and Cocoa Churches in a Baptist Hour over WMMB each Sunday afternoon.  The yearly rate was to be about $1.40 per Sunday.

A very important step Was taken on August 9, 1950 when a building fund was established for the purpose of erecting an education building.  It was stipulated that the fund was not to be used for any other purpose.

At the afternoon session of the Indian River Baptist Association meeting at the First Baptist Church, Vero Beach, Rev. J. D. Hartsfield read the Scripture and led in prayer. He served that year on the special missions committee.

J. D. Hartsfield presented his resignation as pastor on November 19, 1950.  He was paid for 30 days service, but his resignation took place after the evening service.  A revival was being planned at that time, but was postponed until a regular pastor could be called.

Sgt. Robert F. Wright was called to serve as interim pastor in February 1951.  He served for about one month until Josh Long was called on March 11, 1951. The deacons served as the pulpit committee in this matter. The pastor's salary was to be $40.00 per week and utilities.

Josh Long (pictured) was born July 28, 1923 at Newberry,Florida.  He holds  B.A. and Th.M. degrees and has been a public school teacher for 20 years. He has pastored eight churches, all in Florida.  Josh and his wife, June, have five children.

One of the first items to be carried out was the improvement of the physical appearance of the church. The Church decided to print a Sunday bulletin at this time.  On May 9, 1951 Paul Hansen was licensed as a Gospel minister.

July 11, 1951 saw the approval of the Church given for the construction of a two-story education building in back of the church.  The building was to be approximately 30'r 50' in size.

R.  H.  Graham,  Mr.  Grantham and Sgt. Britt were appointed to serve as a planning committee.

Several items were approved in October 1951.  The bank account was moved from Melbourne to Barnett National Bank in Cocoa, the Pastor's salary was increased to $45.00 per week, offering envelopes were ordered for each member, and a Board of Trustees was appointed consisting of Sgt. Britt, Chairman, Mr. J. E. Grantham and Mr. Wright.  The trustees were authorized to investigate putting city water in the pastor's home.

The two-story education building continued to receive attention in the March 1952 Church minutes.   They read in part:   "The Deacons recommended that we elect James Grantham as Building Foreman having charge of the necessary materials, oversee work up to the time that the building is turned over to a contractor and after that to oversee all donated work."  It was about this time that Addie Vaughter, who is currently a member of this Church, helped make the first choir robes for First Baptist.  They were blue with white collars.

In June 1952 "Mrs.  Myers moved that Saturday, June 7th be a work lay for the men to clear the trees from the back of the church lot in preparation for the new building. The women are to bring a picnic dinner."

Josh Long resigned as pastor on August 3, 1952.  His resignation was accepted with deep regret.  The resignation read in part:

"In view of the fact that I am to enroll in Stetson University of DeLand, this September, with deep sorrow I announce my resignation as your pastor.  The days that have gone by have been happy ones.  Much has been done, and there is much more to be done, for God's glory.  Feeling the need for further education we feel that God has led us to this decision."  His services were to end on August 31.  A letter of recommendation was signed by the Church so that Brother Long could attend Stetson University tuition free.  The deacons were elected to serve as a pulpit committee in securing a new pastor.

Leo Barnes (pictured) was called to serve as pastor in October 1952 and he was serving as moderator by December of the same year showing that he was on the church field.

In January 1953 it was decided to use the Broadway Finance Plan of church bonds for the financing of the two-story education building.

Leo Barnes was born March 26, 1917. His wife is the former Mary Totten of Geneva, Florida and they have one son, Barry Lee.  Brother Barnes went to Plant High in Tampa, Florida; attended two years at Baptist Bible Institute in Lakeland, Florida; received a B. S. degree from Florida Southern College in Lakeland, Florida and a Bachelor of Divinity from Southeastern Baptist Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina. He is now retired, having pastored churches for 30 years in Florida and North Carolina.

The Church was actively involved in ethical matters in the community. At a special called business meeting on February 15  1953 "Rev. Barnes discussed an ordinance that was up before the city council as to whether or not alcoholic drinks should be sold on Sunday in Eau Gallie.  It was voted that our church go on record as being very much against the sale of alcoholic drinks on Sunday.  Rev. Barnes and a member of his own choosing to appear before the council and voice the objections of the church."

In March 1953 the Church voted to buy a bus for the purpose of transporting children to Sunday School.  This had already been discussed in the February meeting.  The April 1953 business meeting showed continued concern for the two-story education building. "R. H. [Graham] asked that more men try to help on our new educational building or else we might have to get a contractor to finish it." Much of the labor on the education building was volunteer.  Herbert Jungbluth, Vance Bell and Raymond Layne were among the current members who helped with this building.

There was a bus report showing 19 riders the First Sunday and 33 the second Sunday.  A request was made for more men to take the test for a license to drive the bus.

In May 1953 an historic action was taken when the Church voted to withdraw from the Indian River Baptist Association in order to join with other churches in the area to form a new Association.

It was reported in the May meeting that the bus debt had been paid.

The Nominating Committee was appointed on Sunday, July 5, 1953 to select officers for the new church year.  The members of the committee were as follows:  W. E. Broome, Chairman, Herbert J. Jungbluth, Vance Bell, Mrs. R. W. Layne, and Mrs. E. P. Cook.

A look at the Sunday School workers for the 1953-1954 year shows the structure of the Sunday School at that time.


Superintendent       -     Mrs. J. E. Grantham

Secretary            -     Mrs. T. E. Addison

Men's Teacher        -     Mr. Vance Bell

Women's Teacher      -     Mrs. E. A. M. Stewart  (Mrs. J. A. Phelps)

Builders' Class      -     Mrs. R. W. Layne   

Pianist              -     Mrs, W. C. Carter

Intermediate - Young People Department

Superintendent       -   Mrs. Leo Barnes 

Secretary            -   Mrs. Joyce Woodson

Intermediate Teacher -   Mr. Norman Hedges

Young People         -   Mr. Milton Heidi

Junior Department


Secretary                        -     Mrs. Norman Hodges

Jr. Girls I                      -     Mrs. W. E. Broome

Jr. Girls II                     -     Mrs. Paul Teague

Jr. Boys I                       -     Mr. T. E. Addison

Jr. Boys II                      -     Mr. W. E. Broome

Substitute Teacher               -     Mrs. Rex Lee

Pianist                          -     Mrs. W. E. Broome


Primary Department



Secretary                        -     Mrs. C. A. Underhill

Primary I                        -     Mrs. H. J. Jungbluth

Primary II                       -     Mrs. Milton Heidi

Primary III                      -     Mrs. Callie Livingston


Beginners Department



Secretary                        -     Mrs. L. A. Myers

Teacher                          -     Mrs. Monroe Cox

Teacher                          -     Mrs. Vance Bell


Nursery Department



Secretary                        -     Mrs. Calvin Cook

Teacher                          -     Mrs. Finneson

Teacher                          -     Mrs. William Haynes


Money was still scarce as regarded the education building.  The Church voted in the October 25, 1953 business meeting "to give the trustees power to borrow enough money to remodel the present church building and finish the new education building."  This was rescinded at the November business meeting.  In November, Mr. Jungbluth moved "that the committee forget about borrowing any more money and let God lead us in our building program."   Also in November it was decided to buy an organ from the Methodist Church for $450.00 on terms.


On November 29, 1953, R. H. Graham presented the immediate need for money to complete the educational building.  The motion was made to issue $5,000 worth of bonds, but not to be used unless needed, in order to finish the building and hire labor to do the work.  This also included some repair and painting on the church building.  In February 1954 the building committee reported that the education building would soon be ready for complete use.  It was decided that the new building would have city water from the pastor's home and the Church would pay the water bill.


A desire to build a new worship center was already surfacing at this time.  This desire was to gain momentum in the next few years.

There was a meeting called before church on Sunday, March 28, 1954 to approve the officers for youth week. 


The elected officers were as follows:


     Pastor      -     Charlie Layne

     Chairman of Deacons         -     Milton Heidi

     Deacons    -     Norman Bodge, Charles Dickinson, Robert Sheppard

     Sunday School     -     Barbara Grantham

     Training Union    -     Clara Sheppard               

     Song Leader   -     Norman Hedges

     Pianist     -     Marilyn Underhill

     W.M.U. President      -     Shirley Grantham

     Brotherhood Pres.   -     Charles Dickinson

     Usherettes                  -     Barbara Gandee, June Gandee, Olive Crees, Nellie Crees

     Clerk       -     Virginia Hedges

The minutes of a special business meeting on May 5, 1954 read as follows:  "Mr. Grantham, Chairman of Trustees, brought to the attention of the church the fact that Mrs. Futch had willed the furniture in her home to the church and the furniture could be sold for $500.00 in a lump sum. Moved and carried to sell this for $500.00. Moved and carried to buy refrigerator and kitchen utensils with portion of the $500.00. Moved and carried that the Trustees purchase the refrigerator and a committee of women be appointed to buy utensils.  After some discussion it was moved and carried to purchase an 8 cu. ft. inside space with freezer in top of refrigerator. Committee of Mrs. Layne, Mrs. Terpin, and Mrs. Phelps to buy utensils."

The May 12, 1954 business meeting shows that the two-story education building has been completed.  These was a rising vote of thanks given to the building committee and a prayer was made  for the new building and the committee that worked so faithfully  on it.  It was also decided to have a dedication service for the new building and invite former pastor, Josh Long to dedicate it.

Leo Barnes resigned on August 15, 1954.  "Several members expressed deep grief over the resignation of our pastor and he was asked to consider staying on as pastor, but declined saying he felt the Lord wanted him to go elsewhere."  The pulpit committee consisted of Mr. Layne, Mr. Grantham, Mr. McHargue, Mr Underhill and Mr. Broome.

The Church minutes of September 29, 1954 read in part:  "Pulpit Committee presented the names of Rev.Lyman Hall and Rev. G. R. West to the church to be voted upon for pastor. Voting was by secret ballot...After counting of votes it was found that Rev. G. R. West carried and is to be called as pastor of this field."

Thus began the ministry of G. R. West at Eau Gallie that was to last for almost a decade.