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The minutes of February 1970 read in part:  "Motion made, seconded and carried to authorize Rev. Bryant to call a Board of Ministers to examine Dick Seaman for ordination as a minister of the gospel Saturday morning, February 21st, and that Dick be ordained by his grandfather Sunday evening, February 22nd."

A Special Business Meeting was held at the close of morning worship service Sunday, March 8, 1970 to elect the following Youth Week officers to serve during Youth Week, March 8-15, 1970:

      Pastor                              -     Bill Dooley

      Music Director               -     Marcetta Cantrell

      Pianist                             -     Cheryl Graham

      Treasurer                        -     Len Shannon 

      Church Clerk                 -     Cindy Downs

      Chairman of Deacons -     Randy Graham

      Sunday School Superintendent        -     Huqh Bohlin

      S. S. General Secretary -   Mildred Price 

      Training Union Director -  Mike Kemp

      WMU Director                -     Virginia Downs

      Brotherhood President  -  Rodney Bostwick   

      Chairman of Ushers    -     Steve Osborne

      Librarian                         -     Janet Hamilton

Alice Garrott was employed as Music Director at the July 1970 business meeting.  During 1970-1971 the old church building was used by the youth and was called The Broken Net. Anthony R. Manuel was recommended for acceptance as a student at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary at Wake Forest, North Carolina.  There was a joint Indialantic. Central and First Baptist Church Youth Choir Retreat at Lake Yale the weekend of April 30-May 2.  The lot facing Highland and adjacent to the Nursery Building was purchased for $10,000.  A postage machine was purchased for $200 from First Baptist Church of Merritt Island to facilitate keeping the financial records.  Drapes were made for the baptistery and cry room by Ruth Powell. The pulpit furniture, organ and piano bench cushions were recovered with red velvet material purchased from Long's upholstering at cost.  The Youth Choir from Highland Avenue Baptist Church of Montgomery,

Alabama presented a musical on September 11, 1971.  The church had a Sunday School enrollment of 377 with an average attendance of 175 at the close of the 1970-1971 church year.

 The 1971-1972 church year  saw several changes as well as the acquisition of some additional property.  On December 29, 1971 the church voted to receive from the J. W. Woodson and Garland Reynolds families a lot on the corner of Aurora and Glenwood Roads.  Also in December the Church voted to authorize the Properties Committee to dispose of the old house on the newly purchased property facing Highland in the best manner at no cost to the Church in the next 90-120 days.  On December 19 the Sunday

School presented a Christmas pageant entitled, "Three Gifts of Christmas".

A Re-Search Committee reported to the congregation in January 1972.  They issued the following challenge:



                   Going back through the centuries to the days of the

                   Apostles, it is a proven fact that the church which

                   remained faithful in preaching the Word of God, was the

                   one God honored.  From our pulpit, from our teachers in

                   our classes, from those who seek any kind of service

                   for Him -- THE WORD OF GOD must always be our message.

                   Yes, our great challenge is faithfulness in teaching

                   and preaching the WORD.


                  If preaching the Word is the first challenge, surely

                  the office of intercession is the next.  Prayer is not

                  supplemental, it is fundamental. No work for God can

                  hope for the power of God upon it unless it is bathed

                  in the prayer of the saints of God.  The Word of God

                  goes forth with new power, when it moves on bended         

                  knees of God's children. Prayer is that which

                  challenges every one of us. May we be found faithful

                  to this challenge."


It was signed by William O. Doss, Chairman, Linda Hampton, Sec., Joyce A. Stowers, Robert S. Osborne. Bernard C. Edenfield, David B. Chandler.

In February 1972 there was a joint recommendation from the Trustees and Properties Committee which was approved.  It read in part:  "A joint recommendation that the Church approve the setting of sales price on the commercial lot given by the J. W. Woodsons and G. Reynolds of $30,000.  That the property be put in the hands of Buckner Realty to sell without commission. In the meantime it is recommended that the Church accept the offer of a private party to loan the Church $10,000 without interest or principal payment of any amount for three (3) years. The loan will be secured by mortgage of the gift property. The note will bear interest of 7% per annum payable at the end of the three-year period.  It is further recommended that the money obtained by loan be used to pay off mortgage to the First Federal Savings and Loan on the Highland property of some $6,500 and the balance be used to pave the parking lots."

On March 18, 1972 a motion carried to accept $700.00 for the purchase of the old house located on the Highland Property.  At the same meeting Rev. Jack T. Bryant presented his resignation as pastor to become effective March 31, 1972 in order that he might assume the pastorate of the Blake Memorial Baptist Church. Lake Helen, Florida on April 1, 1972.

The pulpit committee consisted of Roy Forsythe, Michael Hampton. Mrs. Donna Osborne, Dan Bostwick and two others.  The Church minutes read for the April 1972 business meeting:  "Motion carried to approve the Personnel Committee's recommendation to hire Mrs. Elizabeth Cowan as Church Office Secretary to work 28 hours (3-1/2 days)  a week for a salary of $50.00.  Miss Garrott will keep the office open the remainder of the week."

Two actions of the Church in May 1972 are of special interest.

The church authorized the Trustees and Properties Committee to negotiate with the Department of Transportation concerning church property for the road right of way.  The second action eliminated the full-time position of the Music Ministry effective June 30, 1972.

In a special business meeting on May 14 1972, "the Church voted in favor of inviting Rev. Charles Bugg to preach two trial sermons, Sunday, May 21, 1972.  A Special Business Meeting will be held the following Wednesday, the 24th, to vote on extending a Letter of Call:  A letter will be mailed this week giving details and qualifications of the candidate." In a special business meeting on May 24, 1972 the Church voted in favor of extending a call to Charles Bugg to be pastor.  The minutes state the "Rev. Bugg has accepted our call and will be in the pulpit June 25, 1972."

Charles B. Bugg is from Miami, Florida and was born December 25, 1942.  He graduated from Miami Senior High in Miami, Florida in 1961 Stetson University with a B.A. degree in 1965, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary with a M. Divinity degree in 1969 and received his Ph.D. degree from Southern in 1972.  He was pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church, Lexington, Indiana (student pastorate) from 1967-1972 before coming to Eau Gallie.  He left Eau Gallie in 1974 to pastor Powers Drive Baptist Church, Orlando, Florida from 1974-1976. Then he was pastor of First Baptist Church, DeLand. Florida from 1976- 1982:  He has been pastor of First Baptist Church, Augusta, Georgia since 1982.  Dr. Bugg has been extremely active in civic and denominational activates. While at Eau Gallie he was on the Board of Directors of the South Brevard Y.M.C.A. and Pastor Advisor, Brevard Community College Campus Ministry. In 1987-1988 he served as Vice President of the Georgia Baptist Convention. He is in demand as a speaker having preached the Annual Revival at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, 1986. He has authored the book, Things My Children Are Teaching Me, published by Broadman Press, October 1982.  He and his wife, Diane, have two children. Dr. Bugg wrote a letter of acceptance that read as follows:  "I received the letter of call, and I accept with gratitude the invitation to be pastor to your church. Both Diane and I have given this decision much prayerful and thoughtful consideration and in our best judgment feel that this is God's will.

        "We realize the importance of this decision, not only to us, but also to you as a church.  Therefore, we come with an earnest desire to provide as much pastoral leadership and care as we can.

       "We are thankful that God has joined our paths, and we look forward to the future with a sense of openness and expectancy. As we prepare to come, we ask for the church's committed prayers. Our plans' are to arrive in Eau Gallie sometime the week of June 18th and to begin our ministry together on June 25th."

Alice Garrott resigned June 30, 1972 as Music Director.  The Sunday School enrollment for 1971-1972 was 331 with an average attendance of 120.  The Church was in a rebuilding mode.  A revival was held October 30-November 5 with Evangelist Jim Wilson of Orlando,  Florida as the speaker.  In September 1972 the Church was actively engaged in securing a Music Minister.

Mike Fronk was called a part-time Minister of Youth in March 1973.  The radio broadcast over WMEL was discontinued in April. The Church also participated in the Leighton Ford Crusade. A church picnic was held on May 19th.  The Vacation Bible School staff was elected for 1973. They were as follows:

      Director         -         Dr. Bugg

      Assistant       -         Mary Edenfield

      Secretary      -         Ann Bunn

      Pianist           -          Diane Bugg

      Music Director     -        Jane Little

      Pre-School Babies   -  Yvonne Lewis

                                      -         Miss Alma McClung

      Age 3                     -         Marion Paronto

                                      -         Annette Bohlin              

                                      -         Leona Jatsko

     Ages 4 and 5         -         Vivian Cline

                                      -         Jean Smith

                                      -         Gloria Reams

                                      -         Nancy Pete

     Refreshments      -         Helen Downs

                                      -         Frances Smith

                                      -         Mrs. Greiner

     Library                    -         Miss Knapp

     Younger Children   -      Mildred Costill

                                       -         Velma Graham

                                       -         Mary Dunnavant

                                       -         Ardys Noack       

     Older Children       -         Frances Flynn

                                        -         Emma Jane Canup

                                        -         Jane Little

                                        -         Diane Bugg

                                        -         Mary Horde


A special committee was formed in August 1973 to gather facts about the building of a pastorium.  Members were Mike Hampton, R. H. Graham, Nancy Fannin, Wesley Finch, John Downs, Shirley Turknett, A. W. Dedge, Joe McClendon, Libby Hayworth, and Bob Andrews.

Mr. Eldon Moen was called on November 7, 1973 to serve  Minister of Music. His duties were defined as coordinating the various music programs of the church and directing the adult choir and congregational music.  Mike Hampton had served as interim Music Director.

At the same meeting the proposal of the Department of Transportation of $14,600.00 for the right-of-way was accepted.

Dr. Charles Bugg resigned as pastor in February 1974.  The pulpit committee was to be composed of Roy Forsythe, R. H. Graham, Dick Free, Col. Lou Perry and Donna Osborne.  At a special business meeting on April 3, 1974 a motion carried to call Dr. Frank Brasington as Interim Pastor until the Church would call a full-time minister.  It was understood that he would be at the church for Sunday services, Monday, Wednesday services and Thursday for church duties and counseling.

Dr. Frank K. Brasington was born in 1908 in Baltimore, Maryland and grew up in the Carolinas. He is a graduate of Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

He served five years as a Chaplain (Major) in the U.S. Air Force 28 months in the Southwest Pacific.

Having served for 13-1/2 years at First Baptist Church, Silver Springs, Maryland,  Dr. Brasington also served, as pastor or interim in many churches in Maryland and Florida.

Dr. Brasington has been elected to many positions of leadership in Associational and Southern Baptist Convention work including President of the District of Columbia convention.  He and his wife, Virginia, reside in Melbourne as does their son.

On May 29, 1974 Carol Wahlberg was employed to work with the youth for the summer, employment to be effective June Ist.

In June "Mr. R. H. Graham presented a personal motion of accepting a firm offer of S15,000.00 for the Aurora Road property. Terms are, $5,000.00 cash, $10,000.00 paid over a 5- year period at the rate of 7-1/2% interest, no penalty for prepayment.  The offer came from Hugh Thompson.  Motion carried."

At a special business meeting on June 5, 1974 the Pulpit Committee unanimously recommended that the First Baptist Church of Eau Gallie extend an indefinite call to Rev. Jesse Kennon of Dothan, Alabama to be pastor of the Church.  The call was accepted.


Jesse Kennon is from New Port Richey, Florida and was born April 18, 1932. 


His biographical information is as follows:

        o   Graduated  from Gulf High School, New Port Richey   Florida - 1950

        o   Graduated from Columbia  Bible College, Columbia,  South Carolina with a  B. A. degree - 1954

        o   Attended Troy State  University, Troy, Alabama  where work was done toward  an education degree.

        o   Graduated from Southern  Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville,  Kentucky with an M.  Divinity degree - 1965


        o   Taught public school in Enterprise, Alabama  for five years prior to attending seminary.  He pastored several churches in Coffee County, Alabama.

        o   Licensed to preach by the First Baptist Church, New  Port Richey, Florida and ordained in 1956 by the First Baptist Church of Enterprise,  Alabama.

        o   He pastored Thixton Lane Baptist Church, Louisville, Kentucky, 1964-1965 (student pastorate)

        o   First Baptist Church, Childersburg, Alabama, 1965-1968

        o   Ridgecrest Baptist Church, Dothan, Alabama, 1968-1974

        o   First Baptist Church of Eau Gallie, Melbourne, Florida

Denominational Service:

        o   One of four Alabama Baptist pastors to speak at the 1971 Evangelism Conference in Birmingham, Alabama

        o   Served as Adult Sunday School consultant for Brevard  Baptist Association, 1978-1979

        o   Preached Doctrinal Sermon, Brevard Baptist Association, 1982

        o   Member of Associational Assist Team, 1979-1984

        o   Conducted Bible Conferences throughout the South

        o   President of Brevard Baptist Ministers' Conference, 1986

        o   Serving as a Trustee for Baptist Bible Institute,  Graceville, Florida.

Brother Kennon is married to the former Martha Griffin of Dothan, Alabama and they have three children, Ginger, Craig and Gayle.

The first six months of the ministry of Pastor Kennon were difficult for both pastor and people   Philosophical differences and leadership style were both contributing factors.  It was not long, however, before God began to validate the fact that both the congregation and pastor had followed the will of God for it was to evolve into the longest tenure of any pastor in the history of First Baptist Church at this time.

One of the first matters that the new pastor faced was the issue of dealing with the old church sanctuary.  It was of great historical value, and there was a strong sentiment on the part of some to preserve it, while others felt that it should be demolished.  The causeway was going to be rather close and the matter of creating a blind corner on Highland was considered.

The minutes of July 1974 read that "Mr. Dedge also gave the church a thought to ponder and that was to do away with the old church building on Highland Avenue. Discussion followed. Russ Tinsley made a motion to authorize the Properties Committee to investigate the possibilities of giving the old church building to the Brevard Historical Society or other interested group of that sort.  Motion carried."

Attempts were made to get the Historical Society to show an interest in the building but without success.  The pastor made several calls to try to find an agency which would show an interest in the building, and none was found.  The Properties Committee had already been discussing the matter before the new pastor had been called and so they presented alternatives at the August 1974 business meeting.

The minutes tell the story:

"PROPERTIES COMMITTEE:  Mr. Mike Hampton reported the Department of Transportation had paid for the Montreal right-of-way and we had 90 days to clear the property. The following proposals were presented as options.

      #1   Move the library to Fellowship Hall where it will be  centrally located, easily accessible, most economical to fix up.

MOTION CARRIED to relocate the library in the Fellowship Hall.

      Alternatives regarding the old church building:

      #1   Demolish the building and clear lot for $1,500.00 (Approx.) (Recommended action)

      #2   Spend approximately $7 000.00 to tear off library wing, repaint and reroof the building. This does not include rewiring, etc. Note: The building could still be condemned by city.

     #3    Move library and building 16 feet as is, for cost estimated last February at $12,000.00. Present cost not known.

AMENDMENT #1 MOTION CARRIED to preserve whatever parts of the old church that could be used elsewhere in the church and to have a Photograph and an artist rendering of the church made.

AMENDMENT #2 MOTION CARRIED to strike the sum of $1,500.00 in the original proposal.

MOTION CARRIED to demolish the old church, clear the lot, preserving whatever parts of the old church that could be used elsewhere in the church, and to have a photograph and an  artist rendering made of the church.

MOTION CARRIED authorizing the Building Committee to act on the above motion with our vote of confidence, preventing further delay by avoiding further presentation."  It must be said to their credit that the congregation acted in love and conducted the business in a very Christian manner, even though it would prove to be one of the most difficult decisions ever to confront the Church.  Certainly a decision of this magnitude caused grief for many, but all went forward with a spirit of togetherness. The plans for a pastorium were taking shape and in September 1974, Mike Hampton, Chairman of the Special Building Committee, brought the following recommendation to the Church:  "That the Church proceeds with the possibility of erecting a pastorium on the church camp grounds by submitting the displayed plans to reputable contractors for bids.  This information shall be brought back to the Church for further consideration.  Motion carried."

In October 1974 the Church authorized the building of the proposed pastorium at the church camp located off Turtle Mound Road.  The cost was to be $43 000.  The money was to be received as follows:  Sl0,000 designated from existing funds, $30,000 to be financed and $3,000 by donation.

There were three resignations on the Special Building Committee in November 1974 -- R. H. Graham because he was to build the pastorium, Shirley Turknett and Joe McClendon.  Mrs. Lavona Frisch and Oneita Tinsley were elected to fill two vacancies.

At the same meeting the Church voted to donate 10 folding chairs to the Harbor City Volunteer Ambulance Squad.

Wesley Finch was recommended for admission to Boyce Bible School in Louisville, Kentucky at the December 1974 business meeting. Also Mrs. Sue Mixson was elected Church Hostess and her assistants were Lola Dedge, Pam McCurry, Joyce Woodson and Mary Edenfield.

The Lottie Moon Christmas Offering goal of $1,100 was exceeded and as of the end of December 1974 the offering was $1,544.36. This offering was to grow phenomenally during the next decade and beyond.