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The Church voted in May 1980 to carpet the second and third floors of the three-story-educational building.  Handballs were purchased with memorial gift funds.  Mr. Gene Lye served as Music Director until Greg Brewton (pictured) was called to serve as Minister of Music and Youth on May 28, 1980 starting June 22.

In September 1980 Robert Hulon Cox was recommended to Baptist Bible Institute as a student and that he receive a ministerial grant.

Several items of interest were accomplished in the 1980-1981 church year.  The church gave Bob and Carol Cox $500.00 as a love gift for moving expenses to Baptist Bible Institute.  Greg Brewton, Minister of Music and Youth,   reported in November the following attendance:  Adult Choir-28; Youth Choir-9; Children's Choir-15; Adult Handball-8; Youth Handbell-10; Preschool-6; Music Makers-5; Young Musicians-6.

By December 1980 the Church had a balance in the treasury of $48,955.04 and no debt.  Ron Fannin applied to be a Missionary Journeyman and would spend two years in Zimbabwe, Africa.  The missionary brunch was held in December.  Dr. and Mrs. Sam Shepard, Missionary Associates to Portugal, were the guest speakers.  The two-story education building was carpeted at a cost of $4,432.85.  Robert Cox was licensed to the Gospel Ministry in March.  In June 1981 the Church voted to seal and restripe the paved parking lot, to lease the Rossetter lot, and to purchase a Wurlitzer vertical grand piano from Eugene Lye Piano and Organ Company for $2,095.00.  Memorial gifts would be used to pay for the piano.

A request from Friendship Baptist Church, Geneva, Alabama was received in October 1981 to examine and ordain Robert Cox to the Gospel Ministry.  The pastor was instructed to call a presbytery. Ordination took place on November 1, 1981.  February found the Church voting to install carpet in the Nursery and to purchase a wireless microphone system.  In June the Church voted to give $3,000 for payment on the principal of the property of the West Palm Bay Mission later to become Lockmar Baptist Church.

The Church voted in July to give 35 Baptist Hymnals to the Port St. John Mission.  The church minutes of August 1982 read that "Rev. Kennon called for a motion to elect Sam Blackburn as Usher Chairman Emeritus enabling him to continue serving in an honorary position.  The motion was made, seconded, and approved heartily.

We praise God for Sam's work of welcoming at the church door for years. "

The position of organist was made a paid position in November 1982. The Church minutes read in December 1982 that "Rev. Kennon reported that a polished granite headstone marker had been placed at Sarah Caroline Livingston's (Miss Callie) grave and noted several possible methods of paying for it, but that he thought it fitting and recommended that as she was our oldest member and had no other family, that her church family whom she loved, would cooperatively pay for it out of the miscellaneous fund.  A motion to do so was made and seconded and the church heartily approved."

In January 1983 the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering had reached over $16,000.00.

February 1983 saw many recommendations adopted at business meeting.

"PROPERTIES COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN, R. H. Graham, presented the following recommendations:

1.    The Properties Committee recommends that we employ Larry Combs, Painting Contractor, to paint the exterior of the nursery building for $940.00 and the wood trim, stucco and steeple of the sanctuary for $2,912.00.  Motion seconded and approved.

2.   The Properties Committee recommends $10,000.00 be set aside for the purpose of painting and repairing the 3-story education building to be taken from our reserve fund.  Motion seconded and approved.

PERSONNEL COMMITTEE:  Herman Frisch presented the following


1.   In keeping with the policy of the church for the Personnel  Committee to employ non-ministerial staff, and in keeping  with the position and salary approved by the church, the  Personnel Committee, on February 8, 1983 has employed Linda  Whittaker as Organist at a salary of $3 900.00 per year.  Her job description is hereby filed with the clerk.

By way of explanation, Kaye Shannon has chosen to become Pianist, thus leaving the position of Organist open.  Therefore Mrs. Shannon will be Pianist at no pay upon her own insistence; and Mrs. Whittaker, the Organist.  Motion made, seconded, and approved.

2.   Be it resolved that the First Baptist Church of Eau Gallie go on record as expressing appreciation for the untiring service of Kaye Shannon as Church Organist over the past years. Motion seconded and approved.

MISSIONS COMMITTEE:  Bob Andrews presented the following


1.   The Missions Committee recommends that the First Baptist Church of Eau Gallie give $1,000.00 to the Brevard Baptist Association for its general fund to come from the accumulated funds as a result of exceeding our budget in 1982.  Motion seconded and approved.

2.   Be it recommended that First Baptist Church of Eau Gallie give an extra $2,000.00 to the Cooperative Program to come from the accumulated funds as a result of exceeding our budget in 1982.  Motion seconded and approved.

3.   The Missions Committee recommends that First Baptist Church of Eau Gallie give $5,000.00 to the West Palm Bay Baptist Chapel for their building fund; said amount to colas from the accumulated funds as a result of exceeding our budget in 1982.  Motion seconded and approved."


A Special Meeting was called to order by Rev. Kennon, February 23, 1983 for the purpose of resolving the following:

1.    The Properties Committee recommends that the church authorize them to secure a contractor to repair the steeple; cost to be determined.  Motion seconded and approved.

2.    Rev. Kennon presented a request from Golden Gate Theological Seminary that our church commend Ronnie Fannin, our missionary to Zimbabwe, as a dedicated Christian to whom we      pledge our continued support and prayers.  The motion was made, seconded and approved heartily.

In May 1983 the Church voted to employ a contractor to reinforce the walkway on the north side of the second and third floors of the educational building at an approximate cost of $2,000.00 The Church also approved a proposal to send support to Ron Fannin for the 12 months beginning in September 1983.

Michael Bruce Taylor was recommended for admission to Southern Baptist Theological Seminary at the June 1983 meeting.  In August the Church authorized a gift of $300.00 to Bruce Taylor to help in his moving expenses to attend seminary.

The Properties Committee recommended in September 1983 that "the Church employ Erzinger Construction Company to install a new roof on the two-story education building including vinyl-clad aluminum fascia and a vented ridge to vent the attic.  Total cost: $4,025.00.  Motion approved."

Mary Lynn Caldwell on January 18, 1984 was recommended for a ministerial education grant at Stetson University.  Financial help was sent to Bob Cox at BBI and Bruce Taylor at Southern Seminary.

It has been known for some time that the Church had a need more ground-floor education space. So when an opportunity to secure more property, the Church acted.  At the March 7, 1984 business meeting R. H. Graham, Chairman of the Properties Committee, presented the following recommendation:

"The pastor, deacons, finance committee, properties committee, and trustees; recommend that the church make an offer to buy the following property from Arthur S. and Jean Ann Littlefield according to the terms herein stated:  Property description: S 20 ft. of N. 36 ft. of Lot 10, Block 23, Plat of Eau Gallie. According to the plat thereof recorded in Plat Book 1 at page 47 of Public Records of Brevard County, Florida.  Property also known as 1402 Highland Avenue, Melbourne, Florida 32935. Recommendation seconded and unanimously approved."  The property was purchased for $49,900.00 and plans begun to convert the old store building into an educational building.

Greg Brewton resigned as Minister of Music and Youth on March 18, 1984 to be effective April 1, 1984.  He stated in his resignation that, "Although you called me to serve in your church as Minister of Music and Youth, I feel that you have been a greater service to Holly and I than you could ever imagine.  First Baptist Church of Eau Gallie has been a continuous training ground for me.  It was here that I had my first opportunity to work full-time in the ministry. It was also here that I was fortunate to have a loving pastor to support and help guide me through my first years of ministry. For these reasons, we have always realized that if the time ever came that we felt God was calling us to another work, leaving would be extremely difficult."

In July 1984 Scott Lorton was endorsed for the Church-Related Vocation Scholarship Loan at Palm Beach Atlantic College in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Mr. Ed French led the adult choir and the congregational singing during the interim period.  Then on August 22, 1984 the Church called Mark Donnell as Minister of Music who accepted the call.