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Poole Architects have drawn the plans and with several modifications, will have the total plans ready this week.  The cost should be approximately $68,000. The Properties Committee will employ Roger Stewart to serve as owners’ agent and the Church will subcontract the work. Motion seconded and approved."

Thomas Robinson answered the call to the ministry and enrolled as a student at Baptist Bible Institute in Graceville, Florida. The Church commended him to the school and voted $750.00 in January 1985 towards his moving expenses.

Constantly interested in missions, the Church voted in February 1985 to give $2,900 to the Brevard Baptist Association to help bring a seminary team to work at Suntree for the summer.  The purpose was to try to begin a new work in Suntree that would eventually lead to the establishment of a Southern Baptist Church.

The three-story education building needed repair as the concrete block walls that fenced the walkways were deteriorating badly. In February 1985 the church minutes read, "The Deacons, Properties Committee and Finance Committee recommend that the Church authorize the properties Committee to proceed to repair the 3-story education building at a cost of approximately $50,000.  The Church will act as contractor and will employ Roger Stewart to act as agent for the Church.  Motion made, seconded and approved." A beautiful aluminum rail was installed around the walkways and the pre-cast concrete overhangs were enclosed with stucco.  The building was painted shortly thereafter.  In May 1985 Tom Robinson was licensed to the Gospel Ministry.  Also the Church gave $1,000 to Brevard Baptist Association for the purchase of the Associational office building.

Mark Donnell resigned as Minister of Music and Youth effective June 16, 1985 in order to return to New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary to pursue a degree in Religious Education. The Church endorsed his Application for Admission to the seminary.

At a special called business meeting on August 28, 1985 Dale Hawke was employed as Minister of Music and Youth.  Jeff Dake was recommended for the scholarship loan at Palm Beach Atlantic College in West Palm Beach, Florida.

For some time the Church had needed a canopy that joined the 3- story education building and the sanctuary.  It was voted to build such a canopy at the cost of approximately $7,000.00.

A new set of steel stairs were purchased for the 2-story education building in March 1986 from Morris and Sons, Inc. at a cost of $2,385.00.

Dale Hawke resigned on September 21, 1986 to be effective October 16, 1986.  He stated that "for some time now I have been praying about and considering the Lord's leading in my going into a solo concert ministry."  He also stated that, "I also decided that in order to get the best start that we should begin this ministry in the Atlanta, Georgia area because of the vast number of churches and ministry opportunities that it holds."

A new set of By-Laws were approved at a special called business meeting on September 24, 1986.  The vote was unanimous.  The Articles of Incorporation were adopted earlier on September 10, 1986.

Thomas Robinson was ordained by First Baptist Church of Eau Gallie on October 16, 1986 at the request of Bethlehem Baptist Church, Route 2, Clayton, Alabama.

Reginald May was called as Minister of Music on November 23, 1986. He accepted the call and began his ministry on Wednesday, December 10, 1986.

Steve Thompson was called as Interim Minister of Youth on May 6, 1987 to serve until January 1, 1988.   He is a graduate of Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama (B. A. degree) and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas (Master of Divinity degree).  Before coming to Eau Gallie, Steve worked as a Young Adult Intern at Park Avenue Baptist Church, Titusville, Florida from 1981-1983.  He is married to the former Cinda Cox of Titusville, and they have a son, Seth. His responsibilities were to be those assigned by the pastor.

A great step was taken in July 1987 when the Church voted to purchase a copier for the office.  This was especially important since mimeograph machines and stencils were becoming obsolete.

In March 1988 the Church approved a recommendation from the Properties Committee which read as follows:  "In response to the unanimous request of the deacons, the Properties Committee recommends that the First Baptist Church of Eau Gallie authorize the Properties Committee to proceed with redecorating the sanctuary at a cost of approximately $55,000.00 to be taken from reserve funds.  The work to be done involves painting the ceiling and walls, new carpet, new pews, new pulpit furniture, and possibly two new doors.  It also involves having the air- conditioning ducts cleaned and sanitized."  The motion was made by Frank Kenward, Chairman of the Properties Committee, seconded by Ann Chandler and approved.  Most of the old pews and pulpit furniture were given to the Hebron Primitive Baptist Church in Melbourne.  A few were given to a Primitive Baptist Camp in Fort Pierce.  The redecorating has been finished and the interior of the sanctuary looks beautiful, indeed.  The pews were purchased from Winebarger Church Furniture in Lynchburg, Virginia and are finished in cherry with a colonial cap and comfortable padding.

The pastor began research for this history and discovered that the Church was officially organized on the third Sunday in March 1889.  The pastor and deacons decided to set the 100th Anniversary on March 19, 1989, and this was approved by the Church at the July 1988 business meeting.  A sum of $10,000 has been set aside for this purpose.  A pictorial directory has been ordered and should be delivered by December 1988.  Anniversary plates have been ordered and should be available by the last of November 1988.  The deacons are taking the responsibility for handling the different aspects of the anniversary celebration. Former pastors and staff have been invited as well as former members and friends.

Michael Bruce Taylor was ordained to the Gospel Ministry on July 17, 1988. In July the nursery building and pastorium were approved for new roofs.  The Church voted In August 1988 to purchase a two-drawer fireproof file cabinet for storage of the minutes.  The Church in September approved a gift of $2,000.00 to the State Mission Offering.

The Church is making plans to purchase additional property for parking and expansion.  The money has been set aside for this purpose.