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What is Podcasting?

With iTunes, you can now browse and subscribe to pod casts from within the iTunes Music Store. Pod casts are radio shows or other audio programs that are often episodic and are downloadable over the Internet. From news and information to music and commentary, thousands of new pod casts are available everyday, from around the world, on every subject you can imagine.
And now, with built-in support for Podcasting in iTunes, listening and managing pod casts has never been easier. You can find and subscribe to your favorite pod casts in the Pod cast Directory on the iTunes Music Store, and automatically download them to your computer. You can listen to a pod cast from your computer or transfer it to your iPod and listen while you are on the go.


How to subscribe to the EGFirst Pod cast in iTunes

Here are directions on how to subscribe to the pod cast in Apple's iTunes.

You are now subscribed to the pod cast.